Easy Cd creator 6 locks my drives



Hi all,

Hoping someone maybe able to help me out, I’m running XP pro with SP2 and have 2 dvdr drives Plextor 760A and Pioneer 111 same with both drives. Recording to either drive you get the main BURN DISC PROGRESS box come up the top bar (phase progress) gets to 100% then the bottom bar (recording phase) freezes at 3%,(program and dvd drives) you have to restart pc I haved changed nothing on my PC all has been working well then this. Tried reinstalling the program but same problem. I also use Nero and that’s working fine to both drives. Same problem with different makes of disc. This happens with cdr and dvdr and rw. Copied a disc using the disc copier in Easy cd creator and that worked ok. Help!!!


The DVD part I am unsure of as to either program. However, Roxio has a ‘packet writing’ program known as DLA or Drag to Disc and Nero uses its own InCD program. These can and do conflict with each other on some machines. Drove me wacky and made lots of coaster CD’s. So I completely removed DLA and Roxio from this machine and installed Ashampoo’s Burning Studio 6 and have no issues with either CD’s or DVD’s on either of my Sony drives.
If you go the route I took, you may have to edit the Registry-WARNING-This can be dangerous and is done at your own risk!!! I did edit and removed ALL traces from there and all folders associated with the Roxio program. I even did this on my laptop.

Worth a try. I also recommend, as do others, that you use nothing but quality media. I am having very good luck with Verbatim DVD -R/+R discs.