Easy CD Creator 5 rumour! *UPDATE*

I just posted the article Easy CD Creator 5 rumour! UPDATE.

Ctwiner used our newssubmit to tell us that Easy CD Creator 5 is out on beta. He tells us that it’s looking good and running stable. Maybe newsgroups will tell us more…

Any CdFreaks still use…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1220-Easy-CD-Creator-5-rumour-UPDATE.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1220-Easy-CD-Creator-5-rumour-UPDATE.html)

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What are U kidding??? EZ CD Creator sucks big time! And don’t gimme that crap “Ah well it workes fine for me…”. Try uninstalling it correctly. Use NERO! :7

It’s true that it’s released, but it sux! Use Nero! Hell yeah!! :d Nero 5.5 is out soon, i’ll wait for it…

Yea Eazy CD Sucks :r, but one of there addons is pretty usefull for fixing up wav files made from records - disk doctor but thats it the rest is well shit LOL :g

This has been out for ages in the warez scene. It’s easy to get hold of

Use Nero, it’s simply the best :d :+ :d

Yay - We got SAFE information Nero v5.5 BETA is going to be released on Monday while we all have to wait for InCD v2.0 until the end of february!:wink:

Well I’m not fond of EZCD to be honest. To be completely honest, I don’t even like it for just one percent :slight_smile: I’ve been using Nero since version 3. And I don’t intend to change that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the new about Easy CD Creator. I’ve noticed a lot of negative comments about this product. I’ve used it for years without a lot of problems. Of course it’s not very good at copying games. Can anybody give me a detailed explanation why Nero is so much better than Easy CD Creator. Anyway keep on burning!

EZCD can’t burn more than the specified amount on cd’s (overburning!) and that’s sux. Also the built in functions from Nero are better. Nero is much more advanced when it comes to settings like retries and readerrors and so on and so on… great program!

If you want to download this EZCDCR 5 Beta, visit http://www.cdr-warez.net -DiViDeZeRo-

NERO rulezzz!! EZCD suxx ass… Too much extra features and shit… :8

Easy CD Creator sux big time :r. And this new beta is no better (if not even worse). I use NERO and it is the best :).

I have tried the new ezcd 5 and its not any different from previous versions except for “burn proof”. Adaptec stick it where the sun dont shine. NERO + CLONECD RULES