Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum and Win2000 problems

I just posted the article Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum and Win2000 problems….

According to our poll almost 16% of our visitors uses Easy CD Creator. Well if u are running this program and you are running Windows 2000 you might have some problems. Read this on their…

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EasyShitCreator 5.0 SUX!

I agree. :r

I agree. :r

Any problems with compatability with Windows XP and Easy CD Creator 5.0 Platinum?? I just got done installing XP but have not installed ECD 5.0 yet.

Since my very bad experience with Easy:rCreator 4 (had to format immediatly after install, don’t remember why), a decided to give 5.0 a try. Well, I burned the CD literally after I had no more CDROMs in Explorer. Yes, they just dissapeared from “My Computer” in Windows. Tried everything, couldn’t get them back. Now I only use 3 progs: CloneCD, PlexTools copier and WinOnCD 3.7. My advice: don’t buy this software until you COMPLETELY tested everything, even uninstall.

people who are smart enough to run windows 2000 will be smart enough to know that Easy cd-creator sucks big time…

I only still use easy cd 3.5c and for the rest i use cdrwin 3.8 and nero thats all i need :slight_smile: I installed easy cd 4 and had to reinstalled my windows too then… easy cd is only good if you just start with burning or use it for normal back ups for the rest the prg sucks!!

I have to agree that Easy CD does have a shit installation and uninstallation procedure. You need the CD to uninstall as well !! But the thing is the interface is better than Nero - (Files don’t refresh properly). As with WinOnCD it always makes a temporary image before burning (crap).

READ THIS FOLKS! For quite some time now, ive been using Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator. Actually i started using it in like what… 1996 or so. when burners were VERY VERY expensive and burning tools were very hard to come by. Well ever since then, i have been burning VideoCD’s (with the deluxe pack) , etc. this program quick became my favourite program to use, simply because it worked, and wasnt that hard to use, as others at that time were. Recently i got Windows 2000 Prof. which fucking rocks :slight_smile: , and ofcourse i installed Roxio (?!?) Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum - simply because that is what i always do… get the latest version from easy cd ,and run it. THIS I SHOULD NEVER HAVE DONE!! Easy CD 5 sucks my fucking balls !! :frowning: As soon as it was installed - i ran it, quite impressive graphics at the start of the program! actually it looked alot like my windows 2000 startup screen! … hmmm! i thought, then i found out that it WAS my Windows2k bootscreen, why ??? because Easy CD conflicts with something or somewhat inside my computer. NOW! i uninstalled the shit, and turned on my computer again. STILL fucked!! now the computer told me i had missing dll files, and that i couldnt start win2k. i had to install it all again!! DAMN SHIT! Well, so i did, installed it all again and installed NERO 5.5 (even tho some lamers in here still thinks its news!!) - and i must admit, never have i seen a better burning tool. No more buffer underrun caused by the burning program … ofcourse its still possible to get it, unless you have a burnproof cd writer (HAIL PLEXTOR!! hehe) but now atleast , i KNOW its my cd writer or the medium if the write fucks up. So all in all folks D O N O T B U Y E A S Y C D !!! get Nero. even a hardcore Adaptec fanatic like myself have been convinced. Nero rules, and Easy CD sucks big long fat pole. Your Testperson MDD :7

You all just do not know how to install. I have WIN2K, adaptec 5, cdrwin 3.8d and clone cd and my computer works perfect. Its old too PII 233. You all put down a product, just cause you all had some problems. ever think it could be User Error!!! all my cd recording software i have installed have no conflicts and my Plextor Loves them all. Peace

Question to group: I have had nothing but trouble with nero 5.0 series and up, including the new versions. The burning programs freezes up or takes a long time for any of the applications to come up etc.sometimes blue screen.I am using w98se, my computer is an Athlon 750 with 256 ram (133) ata 100 hd,HP scsi burner, also put this on my friends p3 computer same problem. Would appeciate any help or gudience from a fine group like this. thanks Tom ps: did try adaptec 5 but as usal gives you coaster here and there.