Easy CD Creator 5.3 released

I just posted the article Easy CD Creator 5.3 released.

Finally Easy CD Creator is made compatible with WinXP.

This web update is designed to update all versions of Easy CD Creator 5.xx Basic to version 5.3. It can be installed in All Windows…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3903-Easy-CD-Creator-5_3-released.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3903-Easy-CD-Creator-5_3-released.html)

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not me they are so 5 years ago

Sucky proggy~~~ Don’t need it!

What’s wrong with it? I use version 4 and it’s beaut! I’ll probably never use 5.3 as I will never upgrade to Windows XP.

I don’t think the program is very good myself,i prefer Nero to it,but Clone CD is still the best software EVER!!

Probibly should be of use to me as I spent a lot of money on the prob. It took owning it to find out its not as good for burning VCD’s as Nero (cannot burn just one file). I wish I could grab my money back with one hand and give it to ahead with the other. On the brighter side its not bad at burning mp3’s but then again so’s a lot of other progs as well.

appologies for my spelling and grammer . I just got lazy for a second.

it is no so bad after all :7 friend of mine who is not computer guru uses this soft mainly because of direct-cd feature which is perfect for users without much knowledge about computers. he just puts in blank cd - drags and drops “my documents” onto cd and voila - he has backup:)

For simple recording of audio cds there’s nothing wrong with it. :slight_smile:

By the way, there’s not onluy an updater for the Basic software, but also for the Platinum version. You’ll find it here: http://www.roxio.com/en/support/roxio_support/ecdc/ecdc_plat_51_updt.html

only beginners should use this software, otherwise Disc Juggler, Nero and CloneCD are tops. At least Nero has never crashed my 2000 Pro box, can EasyCD say that?

Why would they put out an other version of CD burning HELL.

Yes I agree. I was just very impulsive and wanted something to burn my VCD’s quickly and they only had Easy CD Creator at my local computer shop. Yes I know I could have got Nero off the internet but to me theres nothing like a nice big instruction book to make me feel like I’ve got my moneys worth.

Unfortunatly Usually when you but something you get nothing like a nice big instruction book. Well not since 8 bit computers anyway. :c

wong99, the updater for the Platinum version is only to 5.1

I tried it some time ago and there were nothing but compatibility prolems with it. And since I tried Nero and Clone CD I will never go back. These to are waaaay better.

anarhisc: ahead Nero also has a proggie for packetwriting, its called InCD.