Easy CD Creator 5.0



Anyone know where i can find this program?


ever heard of nero burning rom ?
easy cd creator sucks big time:D
just use nero :slight_smile:


ken08 is right :slight_smile:

use nero or cdrwin

for cdr soft check http://www.cdrsoft.net :slight_smile:


Yeah we all know that but that was not his question :slight_smile:
On http://www.cdr-warez.net you can find 5.5 for version 5 you should check other warez sites via http://www.astalavista.com

Ooops stupid me :wink:

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Easy CD Creator can be found at http://www.cdr-warez.net, not .com



Yeah http://cdr-warez.net or Dividezero is it is also known is a top site full of excellent burning tools and utilities.

Keep up the good work Dividezero.


or here http://www.shadowkasters.com/ru/main.shtml

Sup Divide Zero long time.


Hiya Uptown. I remember first hearing about your site (ShadowKasters). Then you become a moderator, man, keep it up.


Hehe thaanks Night Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Just came by too say hi…


If you have access to the newsgroup excd platinum is in the alt.binaries.cd, or a.b.cd.image

It was there this morning, Havent been able to check to see if it still there or not.