Easy cd creator 5.0 basic

got e.creator 5.0basic with a plextor 24/10/40A
im running win,98sc
after installing E. creator 5
it wont open.
it says [easy cd creadon engina intialization has failed]
i close that box ,then it says[excepton in createlnstanc
of creator]
i have clone on my system. and i love it.
i need e cd, for makig cds of my down loads
so what gives with this.
any one have a solution.

This is usually caused by a bad installation. Uninstall the software and close all background programs except Explorer and Systray before reinstalling.

what burn software came with the plex 24x , for some reason
i cant burn music as my comp cant recognize the hardware, what do i need to do to burn my mp3s!!! thanks

Burner030, the Plextor 24x will work with the latest version of practically any burning software. The USA version comes with Roxio Easy CD Creator and the European version comes with Nero.

What software are you trying to use and what version is it? What operating system are you using? Is the Plextor recognized in Device Manager / CDROM?

there must be a connecter lose or something as , my comp wont automatically run games when i use in drive, i cnat even go to my computer and see the disc icon , im going to GATEWAY !!! my friend installed a geforce3 ti 200 a couple days ago, and there is a red and black wire disconnected it has to connection points at each end, also the current games i have installed will run as long as i use the shortcut on my desk top. ill keep you posted, im happy my plex will work with ez cd though!!! thanks

i have got a solution go download nero and use that instead of easy cd creator. i heard it is alot better anyways less problems more stable etc…

[b]This is not a solution. It is an opinion based on hearsay, not even first hand experience. This is not a useful comment in this forum. If you want to post hearsay opinions, go to the Living Room.