Easy cd creator 4

Please before anyone shouts at me I know that nero rules!! but the question I would like to ask is why is it when my friend who is using easy cd creator 4.2 tries to make a back up copy of one of his audio cd’s he is presented with a screen that tells him he does not have permission to copy and then locks up totally, you then have to ctrl, atl, del to get out of the program. I use easy cd creator 3.5 for making straight copies myself and have never seen this message that he is getting in my version. I thought it was that since my edition the powers that be had clamped down on the copying software and written some sort of protection in, but surely you can still make back up copies of the disc you already own? the weird thing is that he can do mp3’s okay every time but it will not copy a wave file as it seems. Any help or suggestions would be apprreciated,