Easy CD Creator 4 HELP



I need a s/n or keygen to make one for this program to register it. Any help would be appreciated. I tried the one on serials 2000 and it won’t allow it. Thanks


the serialnumber of easy cd creator



I tried that one and they said it was an illegal s/n. Thanks for trying to help.




that # worked for me…make sure youre using version 4.0



You must copy and paste this:


I guess you entered this:


Voor Al Uw Cd’s !



Where can I get a copy of that program for download? Can I get a trial version from adaptec and enter that serial? Please email me if you can:
rh71el2@yahoo.com otherwise I’ll check back sometime sooner than later.



Thanks to all of you for your help. It is now registered.


4.0 deluxe can be got via ftp @ FTP.Omskelecom.ru (down load the update from Adaptec.)
the TSI that was supplied in the .NFO files and txt files from PROS(110010629931) would not work in most cases. By droping the first integer and entering 10010629931 it all worked. Liquid audio, photorelay and in some cases jewel case creator has been ripped from these iso’s / files. so selecting them at install will cause error promts.

Hope this Help’s