Easy CD Creator 4.02e update

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Source: Adaptec

Changes and Fixes in 4.02e

  • New recorder support added; see the Adaptec CD Recorders & Support database for details.


  • CD Copier speed issue for creating multiple…
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/912-Easy-CD-Creator-4_02e-update.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/912-Easy-CD-Creator-4_02e-update.html)

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Does anyone REALLY use this tool ?

I bought it
I used it
I threw it away
I got fined for making litter


Got it…
Polished the cd…
hammered it to a wall…

Hey a nice dartboard :wink:

I think its beats even clone cd !!! NOT!!!

-= lives a bitch so fuck her hard!! =-

You can always use it for making jewel cases!!

And it sux at that too…

I do use it !
For making backups of downloaded stuff and personel files( and self-made warez cd’s). For the rest I use clone CD !!!
yeaaaaaah !!!

Adapfuck Coaster Replicator = Adapache User Aggravator patched or unpatched!!!

Threw it in the bin, next to my copy of WinOnCD, what a piece of crap they are.

Necrom, you still have to learn alot. Better use Nero for your compilations, CDRwin to copy non-protected CDs and CloneCD for protected CDs.

I use CloneCD
I use Nero Burning Rom
I use Padus discjuggler
I use prassi PrimoCD
I use CDRwin
So why use that f*cked up, shit-lame-ass (“on-purpose-conflict with other software”) BULSHITT Adaptec software…
Maybe because you got it for free??? Well, get rid of it until they do make some work of it…
And Oh yes, you get spindoctor with it, probably the reason why people still using it.
Better start making RAW-DAO, Overburn andso…
Oh, well… they will learn when they eventually loose the market-share…

Why does Adeptec make such garbage??? Probably hired a couple of lameASS idiots 2 create such RUBBISH.

its not that bad lads, ive burned gazzillions of mp3 to cds without any bother

Easy CD-Creator is for newbies, it was also the only choice to use with CD-Writer 4~5 years ago, while other programs weren’t even born…

Sadly, the program itself has not changed much since, old guys get overrided by the youngsters, which is usual.

WinOnCD 3.7 PE and CloneCD: the best combination for me.

Easy CD-Creator: Sucks.
CDR-Win: I don’t understand up and down of this one.
NERO: GREAT for making coasters, at least for me…

And why the hell could I write CD text with WinOnCD and not with Nero!!! Not even with the newest version!! Fuck…

Well that’s enough.

It is the best, i have tryed many others but this is the one and only.

But when you burn with Nero you can only read the last session…It sucks!
When you burn with Easy Cd Creator you can read all the sesions at one sight. Is there another program with this feature??. But sadly the ECDC sucks because the conflicts with another ones!, but it is cool when you wanna make cd case because you can print exactly the size of your jewel case. Is there another program wich can do it?

you cam read all sessions cdrwin by importing the TOC under optoins when you make a new session. Same with Nero.

CloneCD rulez!

I think Eays cd sucks!

it has never worked with my computer and I am allmoust sure it will never work.

CloneCD is the best software ever made!!!