Easy Cd catalogers



Hi there! :bigsmile:
I has accumulated plenty of CD and DVD discs, please help me to choose the simple and suitable CD cataloger.
Not need too much options such as reading inside archives, save picture thumbnails, and other. Need just fine cataloger with no errors messages.
While stopped on these:
Smart CD Catalog Lite (www.smartcdcatalog.com)
CD Catalog (www.zero2000.com)
What choose, can there is something else?


Hi, welcome :slight_smile:

I like to use VisualCD - it was recommended to me by someone on here not long ago.

A nice program, and free too :slight_smile:


I has tried Visual CD, this not that I looking for. This cataloger will not allow to add all disks in one general catalog, this much uncomfortably! And can not show the characteristic of the files if disk is not inserted in CD drive. And can not search for simultaneously on all disks in catalog. Probably because this software is free :slight_smile: I have chosen Smart CD Catalog. Looking good! Additionally how do I seem this software does not require installation :slight_smile:


Sorry it wasn’t what you were looking for - however, it works just fine for what I need. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your chosen program!


Its ok! Thank you!


CD Catalog Expert-----It is Excellent n does it All…