Easy CD 5 Platinum

Just a few queries about Easy CD 5 Platinum.

  1. Does it recognise the liteon 40x
  2. Does it confict with latest version of nero
    (iHeard the are ok together with latest versions)
  3. What is the latest version, what dies it do and is it necessary
    (Can someone post a direct DOWNLOAD link to the file, as roxio
    requires registration which does not work)
  4. Is it possible to load direct CD (version 5 ?) on its own or does it have to install with ezcd. Also is there a SEPERATE directCD file
    .exe that installs ONLY directcd

If these questions have been asked already, then please leave the forum post link

thanks guy

1)Roxio support drivers
2)Idon’t know that
3)The newest version is 5.1 and fix bugs
4)You have to install it with the ezcdc

  1. Yes, they should work fine now together, at least that is what I read here somewhere.

i think directcd can be installed with out installing ecdc

Yep they can work together ok I have both installed and they both work fine with my Lite-On 40125S (ZSOK firmware).

I use nero and Easy CD Platinum. Easy CD is really fussy about how it is installed - MUST use upgrades / patches etc.

Easy CD was really prone to buffer under runs with my old Ricoh 24x burner - but is ok with Lite-On 40x

I don’t reccomend using EZCD at all. Nero is much better and it always supports the latest features. Even with the latest drives update, I can only write at 40x with my 48125W. Nero updates their software much more frequently and it’s just a much more full featured program.