Easy CD 5.5 Fixed or Not?

I’m in the final stages of deciding which software to buy. I’ve looked at all the software and I think Easy CD does more of what I want than any other. (Photo slide show, hard drive backup over multiple cds, packet cd, etc) Although it has much of what I want, I am quite nervous about all the problems people have had with Win2k. I’ve read the reviews. I know that Roxio has been working on it and have issued patches and advice. My question is: Do you as users know if the program is finally fixed or is it still killing computers left and right???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Since you did not get any reply in this topic:
you felt you had to make a crosspost out of it by posting it here too?

Usually when you receive no replies people either don’t know it or care not to answer and reposting is senseless (not to mention not allowed, read the rules).

You should try to look for a post by runner0001 (I believe that was his name), he posted a whole story about Easy CD Creator 5.5 and why it is good now. Use the search function, it is there for a reason.

runner1000000 was the username you talked about…