Easy Audio Lock to protect your audio CD's?



I just posted the article Easy Audio Lock to protect your audio CD’s ?.

CDR-Info posted this new audio protection program with some interesting (and challenging ) text:

"…Protect your own Audio CDs effective with Easy Audio Lock. Not even Plextors can copy these…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2572-Easy-Audio-Lock-to-protect-your-audio-CDs-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2572-Easy-Audio-Lock-to-protect-your-audio-CDs-.html)

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Wow… Someone is able to make a WORKING protection? Teehee… :stuck_out_tongue:


It is so ironic that while we consistently break protections, hunt down protections to beat them & basically keep saying: “When are they (record companies) gonna learn?”…we get a CdFreak tip on how to copy protect our own audio Cdr’s. Seems as if it works well. Keep in mind I have no knowledge of “code” so I am not an authority - but as I posed as Mr. Average Joe Consumer, I attempted to copy a 17:45 min cd with a toc at 103:1:1 - forget it - the cdrom (plex 40x scsi) will not read the disk. It plays fine in a audio cd player leaving just the total time & last track time incorrect. As well - I took the exact same 17:45 min cd & chose a toc of 19 minutes. Track 1 ripped fine in AG. But it crashed AG on the last track. It froze CloneCd at the end of the burn - BUT * the copy played fine - go figure - also, it needs an english help as I have no idea what dissector is - perhaps someone would be kind enough to post an english version of the Help contents…all in all I am positive the next CdFreaker is going to laugh at me & exclaim how it was immensly easy to break the protection. :slight_smile:


Why dont u try the dissimulator option on eal? or go to www.cdmediaworld.com and donwload cloneaudioprotector


Yeah… I also tried the Clone Audio Protector and also worked too good! But a protected cd wont be playable in a Hifi DVD player (For TV). They have to fix this before i use it to my live recorded dance mixes… I is verry usefull! Have a try :4


It seems that it are always the Germans that come with new inventions with CD-Recording ! I wonder why…


Hey thanx 4 d’tip…went & got cloneaudioprotector - Download page: did you notice the *typo in the Easy Audio Lock box? :7


Wharever: I hadn’t tried dissimulator (EAL) because the box pops up with German text - I have no clue what it says…


clone audioprotector announces an error when i try to start the program…??


A protected cd is not readable in a hifi dvd (video) player, but an unprotected copy does play?. By the way every cd player gets the cd. Please help me fix this prob? :c