Easter eggs!

Egg Title : Hidden 3DMark2001 Game: Holy Cow!

How to crack it:

  • Download and install 3DMark2001 (Download from www.madonion.com/download).

  • Start program click on the “Edit” Button under Project Menu in user interface.

  • Change default project name from [My Benchmark] to Holy Cow! and click OK.

  • Click [Game Demo] button in the UI.

And ‘Voila!’ instead of benchmarking game tests you’re going to be thrown into a landscape that has flying cows hovering above your jeep and you get to duel against this dangerous menace. :slight_smile:


Egg Title : Winamp secret title

How to crack it:

  1. Open Winamp

  2. Type slowly [N] [U] [L] [ESC] [L] [ESC] [S] [O] [F] [T]

  3. The title change!

Special Instructions:
You need Winamp

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There are a few lame things in M$ products as well.

Sentences you can type and then use grammar/spelling checker and you get a message…would love to try those sometime…

ps the winamp thing didn’t work…perhaps it depends on the version

Winamp 2.74 works (just check it out) did you have it set to the default skin–I had mine set to a different skin, but noticed something flicker in the top, I changed the skin to the default winamp one, and there it was.

Yeah, I just tried it on 2.75, and it works, but you need to be using the base skin to see anything. :smiley:

hey thnx this is very interesting info :wink:

Funny stuff man! :slight_smile: