East Coast Budget Disc Supplier

Rima and Supermediastore are both in CA–I can’t take that kind of wait on Ground Shipping. Are there other good supplierson the east coast?

You mentioned “Budget Disc”, what does it mean?

I usually wait for media on-sale in local stores (Best Buy, Circuit City etc), they can get as low as $15 per 50pack and sometimes lower if you have coupons.

If I need some MIDs that I cannot find locally, I usually order online so remember to do that before you ran out of discs. :slight_smile:

They have a presence in Texas and Connecticut. They’re not exactly budget though.

I could be wrong but I thought that newegg had a location in New Jersey. You might also want to find out where www.zipzoomfly.com is located.

Here’s zipzoomfly’s address and ph #:

38929 Cherry Street
Newark, CA 94560

You may call us at (510) 739-1890. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (PST)

Also, NewEgg does have a place in NJ, specifically Secaucus, NJ. :wink:

I have ordered from Newegg as late as 6pm and gotten next day delivery via UPS ground. They are great and have the best cust. service dept. of all. :clap:

Newegg has locations in City of Industry, CA; Memphis, TN; and Red River, NJ. I’ve had shipments to the mid-Atlantic from all three.

I’ve ordered from NEATO @ www.neato.com … there’s always a 20% off coupon somewhere… they’re in CT and I’ve received packages next day here in eastern PA… I use their TY 8X discs…

The coupon code is CPCW and I just placed an order for TY 8X DVD-R 50 pack spindle for $20.91, 2 day shipping included. Thanks for the tip.

WOW. I placed my order at about 11am on Thursday and received my Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x Silver Lacquer 50 pack cakebox by 4pm Friday! I even had a problem with my Paypal payment, called, actually spoke to a human being and got it resolved with no hassle. I’ll be ordering from these guys from now on, thanks for the heads up.

smata67… where r u regionally?? How did the discs burn 4 u? I just ordered 6 cakes because of shipping $… 87.80/300 less than .30 @disc for 8X TY whereas techbargains was hyping supermedia’s “Value Line” TY 4x for .25 @disc… Am I missing something that more east coasters don’t do neato?? This month’s 20% off coupon is AUG3 … maybe your single cakebox was just a trial attempt but I’ve been anal retentive for quality and my Plex716 loves these…

becuase i’d rather pay .25 for those TY 4x’s (which are actually 8x i’ve never received a 4x, but you could get unlucky ;P) or go to shop4tech which always has the TY valueline as a low price with their 10% off coupon and free shipping. lower price and 2 more days shipping = the win

Thanks a million! No more waiting for cross-country shipments. I placed my
order online at 3:02pm and had it at my door around 08:30am the next
morning (in NJ). They even answered my email quickly and politely, assuring
me that they only sell Premium Line TY’s. I’m hooked.

One questions about TY quality, though. I ordered some TY 8x DVD+R’s.
Media code YUDEN000T02, as expected. The identifiers near the hub are
TG001162 and on the other side 0414. I’m wondering if anyone else bought
these and would love to know how they burn for you. I’ve gone through
a handful so far, and while they burn better than most any non-TY disc
that I’ve tried in the past, they just don’t give me the nice sub-100 PIF
scans that I used to get with Sony 8x MIJ’s (YUDEN000T02). I’m getting
PIF’s in the 200-400’s, with PIE’s ranging from 13000-23000. Still what I
would call very good scans, but not much better than TYG02. Both my
Benq DW1650 and I miss our stash of MIJ 8x Sony’s. :sad:

Again, thanks for turning me on to Neato (I thought all these years that
they only sold CD labels/kits). Fair prices (especially with the 20% off
coupon), great service, great packaging (original TY heavy cardboard
boxes packed with DVD’s and peanuts), and same day shipping. FYI, the
item pages don’t state it, but both the TY 8x shiny +R’s and -R’s came
in the usual sealed cakeboxes.

Seems they always have 20% coupon somewhere. Prices are pretty much the same as supermediastore and rima, with the advantage, as you found, that they are on the east coast, so ground shipping is much, much quicker.

I got the 8x -R silver lacquer thermals (TYG02) and they burn very nicely, I posted the results soon after I got the pack on the Blank Media forum here. I also have some MAXELL002 that are burning well on the DW1650. Verbatim 16x +Rs, not so good.

My only complaint with the silver lacquer shiny ones is that they seem to show scratches and prints easier than most type discs. This does not seem to affect their readability, though. In the future, I will probably go with the inkjet printable, the regular kind, not the hub-printable, those look funny unless of course you print on them.