EASPORTS AND MAXIS copyprotection

I’ve got an HP 8100i and I’m trying to make a backup copies of NBA LIVE 2000, FIFA 2000, MADDEN 2000, SIMCITY 3000 UNLIMITED, and THE SIMS. I’m a newbie, so if someone will walk me through how to copy these games please e-mail me at evanpoe@hotmail.com


I’m not sure if your burner is supported, but if it is CloneCD can copy all of them. Use the Copy Protection Detector to find the protection and the correct settings for CloneCD. You can find the programs at http://www.cdrsoft.net/index2.html or www.gamefreakcdcopy.com if you’re dutch

The proggie tells me my cdwriter (8100i) is not compatible. Are they eventually supporting this? Is there any other proggie that will work or do I need a newer burner?

How long does it normally take to burn a cd using NERO? I tried it for 45 minutes and it wasn’t getting anywhere on test mode. My burner takes 18 minutes max to burn using Easy Cd-creator. What’s up with the program?

The protection EA Sports and Maxis use is SafeDisc, which relies on read errors to work. What happens is that EZ CD Creator encounters these errors and tries to fix them, which takes a really long time. CloneCD is perfect for copying these kinda protections, because it has the fast error skip. To bad your burner’s not supported.

Maybe you should try to use BlindWrite, which also can copy the SafeDisc protection, but more burners are supported. Download is from my site ( www.gamefreakcdcopy.com ) if you’re dutch (which I doubt) or from www.blindwrite.com Note: this program is in a beta state.

I copied The Sims in 15 minutes (reading took 8 minutes) with my Sony CRX120 and it works perfectly, without having to use any cracks Therefore if you ever want to change burner: BUY ONE THAT IS SUPPORTED BY CLONECD!!!

Here is a list of supported burners

GR33TS. For any more questions mail me at gamefreak@2die4.com of use my forum ( www.gamefreakforum.com )

Go to www.gamecopyworld.com and pick up a crack there.

Thats what all poor souls without clonecd supported cdrwriters are doing.

You could do that pchans, but my experience is that cracks most of the times suck. Especially the NO-CD cracks, because they require extra effort to make them work after instalation and the movies most of the time are gone.

ez-e first try BlindWrite, because it supports more burners and is good for SafeDisc. If this doesn’t work, use the cracks.

Another great site for cracks: www.megagames.com