Easily printing audiocd covers....(probably a stupid question)



I’ve been copying a lot of audio cd’s recently and offcourse i try to print a nice cover for them. But in Nero i have to enter the titles manually in the playlist, wich
is quite annoying. What i need is a labeling program that uses cddb and so it can automatically recognise the cd and put in the tracks for me. I’ve tried all burning and labeling programs (i think) but none of them seems to to able to do this.
There MUST be a program that can do this…any suggestions ?

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feurio maybe if you like it http://www.feurio.de
don’t register with false serial
the program is fully functional without


Get CDRLabel 5.0, it uses CDDB if you want it to!! You can get it from www.cdrsoft.net




Why don’t you get the covers from the internet? It’s a lot easier.

Grtz Ruud


…i don’t have a color printer :frowning:

Thnx for you help everyone !

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