Easily bypassing iTunes DRM




This is probably SUPER-old-f**king-news but, I just recently found out about it and I image it’d be useful to some people.

I myself can attest to this programs awesomeness :slight_smile: Very easy to use and very fast.


Have you tried it out? Is this a new version?

I’ve tried hymn a year ago and it worked fine. Just recently I used it again and it doesn’t work. My guess is Apple updated their DRM protection. I’ll have to try this out.


Can’t you just burn a CD using Itunes with your songs and then exact the wavs from the cd and then compress them to your choice of format (ie ogg, mp3, etc). No more DRM. Seems to work for me on the itunes songs I buy.


Yes, but this is way easier. And edta, jhymn is an updated version of the older hymn project, and it gets around iTunes’ DRM with no problems at all :cop:


Does Apple have any way of finding out that you are using this program? I’m asking because it wants my password to access keys or whatever… is this a giveaway to Apple to suspend my account or is it all ok?