Easiest Way To Replicate Dvds?

Hey guys im new to the DVD burning world. I have been looking around and i got a copy of DVD Shrink and i was trying to make an exact replica of the dvd “Only fools and hoarses- complete series 5”. I used the option backup because some1 suggested this in a post before but when i played the DVD on my portable DVD player it firstly loaded but without menus it just went straight into the episodes. And the second time wouldent load at all. I want to make a perfect copy so that it will work in exactly the same way as the original with just as good quality. Please suggests ways in which this can be done and which is the best software option for my problem. Thx guys could REALLY appreciate ure help and expertise.

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Probably you did a backup in re-author mode. In this way, dvd shrink modified the disc in some way.

To do a 1:1 backup copy, you need to use it in normal mode, and not in re-author mode.

Have you opened the disc with dvd shrink or did you rip first the dvd on HDD?

I didnt use the re-author mode because i read that on the forum when some1 used it and it didnt work properly. I did backup. Urmmm ye urmm cant remeber i just done backup so im guessin it went to the hard drive. Is dvd shrink really the best software for backups?

CloneDVD will back-up all your DVD’s just fine. DVD Shrink changes too much of the movies data files during the back-up process, and other software is needed to fix the .VOB, .BUP, and .IFO files to work correctly after a burn; in some cases, the files may not even play when saving them to your hard drive.
If the DVD’s are encrypted, you may want to acquire AnyDVD also; this removes the encryption of DVD’s so you can back-them up to discs, or your hard drive.
You can get both of these software from SlySoft

Oke doke thanks alot guys this information makes my life so much easier. I really do appreciate the help guys thanks for taking the time to help me :smiley: Could you check out my other thread please. Sorry i dnt know if its against the rules to link to another thread if it is a moderator can remove it.