Easiest way to make restorable COMPLETE backup of Windows?

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on backing up my whole system, now that I have my TY’s, LG, and Nero 6.6 working in perfect harmony. I’ve been using Nero’s backup program, and so far it’s been great. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to copy files that are in active use, which then brings me to my inquiry:

What is the easiest way to make a complete restorable DVD backup of Windows and my entire C directory of programs, etc.?

What I am hoping for is an archive of 3 or so discs (to span the 10 gigs of files I’ve got going). Then, in case of hard drive failure, I can …

  1. install a temporary XP to a WINDOWS-TEMP directory
  2. copy everything from DVD back over
  3. kill WINDOWS-TEMP and let my backup run things from there

Surely, this is a reasonable thing to do, or is there a better way to approach it? Either way, what software would be most appropriate for such a task?

Thanks as always,

I went through a lot of backup programs and even though I didn’t like Norton Ghost, they bought out the competition and that’s about it.

I found spending $40 on a new 80 gig HD and copying with Ghost to the second drive gave me an very reliable trouble free backup that was instantly there to swap out for a bad drive. Just make sure you don’t boot with both drives installed.

Is there any way to do it to DVD backup, rather than an extra HD?

Acronis TrueImage does the job perfectly! Also capable of backing up only special folders, not the complete drive.
If you want, and if the amount of data is not too big, the program can also be set to directly burn the image to DVD.

I use Acronis True Image as well but I used to use BackupMyPC which did a very good job as well & would split over how ever many CD/DVD disks were necessary. It might be a better bet than Acronis.

Nero’s backup seems quite pointless to me as it won’t really backup the operating system.

Acronis can also split the image in user-defined sizes, e.g. 1GB parts.
but for an automated backup, e.g. every night, it’s not very handy if you need to change media :wink: