Easiest way to extract tracks off audio protection?

This queston may seem odd, but i’ll give it a try anyway.
When successfully created a “good” image (no bad sectors/dummy files) off a protected audio cd through CloneCD is it then a great matter what program i use to extract the tracks from the image? I’ve only used CdMage so far but the result is tracks filled with pops/skips. Can these be filtered by another application or is the image beyond salvation from the start? :slight_smile:

I would also appreciate if anyone would tell me how to extract tracks from an image in EAC (mentioned in earlier posts, but not exactly how to do it).

My last thought concerns whether CloneCD really is needed if a drive (ie Plextor) can read the protection fully, wouldn’t it then be possible to rip directly through EAC?

If you already managed it to rip an exact image from a protected audiocd, then you own all the data needed.
Your image containes nothing else than pure PCM data, sampled with 44.1 kHz, 16-bit integer values, byte-order little-endian ;-).
If you wish, you can open this “RAW” file with an audio editor, like Cool Edit. Just use the open-parameters decribed above.

It is strange, that CDmage isn’t able to extract the audio properly (as long as your image file is correct).
But you can try it by mounting your image with Daemon-Tools and then by opening your virtual cd drive with EAC.
Or you can cut your image manually to several wave files.

To answer your last question:
If you own a drive, which supports audio protections (like UltraPlex 40max), you don’t need CloneCD really. Also Cdrwin or EAC should do the job.

Thanks a bunch for taking your time and a great reply endian :smiley:

I just ordered a PX-W4012TA, this should do the trick as well?

CloneCD could make a good image for you, but unfortunately the content of the image is bad because of other protection-mechanisms (probably C2-error tricks). This means you reader couldn’t properly read your audio-protected cd! You could try lowering the reading speed, that might help…

CoolEdit or EAC or Feurio or Nero WaveEditor have some options to remove pops and clicks, but these features are mainly intended to correct an occasional pop/click, not an entire image… But you could still try, will probably take a lot of time!

EAC doesn’t make images… it rips audio-tracks! You can rip per track, so you get the amount of wav-files as there are tracks on the cd. You can also rip per cd, this way you get 1 big wav-file with all the tracks inside it, a cue-sheet is also generated, which you will need when burning this big wav-file, so you get individual tracks.

If you have a reader which reads through the copy-protection, you should be able to read the cd with most burning/ripping programs. Plextor should be able to read Key2audio and CDS200 without any problem, so you can use EAC for the ripping part.


Yet another blazing reply, thanks upp3rd0g :slight_smile:

By letting EAC rip it, simply put the audio cd in the Plextor, start EAC then press the “rip button”? Any specific settings in EAC i should use or would you recommend any?