Easiest way to convert svcd pal to svcd ntsc



Hello im new at these but I would like to know if anyone can help me. I have some pal svcd that I would like to convert to ntsc svcd. What is the easiest method and best way to do these. I would like to also pu these svcd on dvd but I cant is there a way to this. Any help will be great.


There are tutorials in the Transcoding Forum, if I’m not mistaken.


Thanks but the seems alot complicated is there a better and easier guide out there


That’s the only one that I know of. There is a site… um… www.videohelp.com? That might have something. And tools for it can be found at www.doom9.net I think.


Is there anyone out there that knows how to this or can point to good tutorial.Thanks in advance


I am sure that a tutorial would be at that site I showed above. If you just did a little searching, and didn’t expect other people to do it for you, you would find that you can accomplish something :eek: and save a lot of everybody else’s time.


Simplest is TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress, heres your tutorial: (use its preset default settings) Select your source, select your output which can be VCD/SVCD/DVD in either NTSC/PAL, Encode!


Thanks alot for all the help. I have anothewr problem I am using svcd 2 dvd and one I insert the mpeg into the movie folder it crashes what could be the problem


Does anyone know why svcd2dvd will do thid i did update dotnet framework