Easiest way to connect pc to hub not using a cable


Just a quick question.
I want to connect another pc to my existing hub/ADSL set-up.
The only issue is that the computer is in another room, and i dont really want to lay a network cable around the room and under doors etc., so im considering using a wireless link to set it all up.

From what ive found, it seems that a station has to be connected to the hub, and then a wireless link card to be placed into the computer. Is this the only way?
It seems the the card itself will cost around $50-$110(aus), depending on brand, and i havnt been able to find a cost on the station, but i guess its well into the $100(aus) range.

If anyone out there has a better solution, could they please let me know.

Thankx Alot

That’s the only way to do it wirelessly. You have to have 1 Access Point (plugs into the hub/router/firewall) and a wireless PCI/PCMCIA card (plugs into desktop/notebook). The prices are about the same as you posted.

Good luck.

yeah, as i thought.
thanks for your help.

hav to sit down and figure out if it worth it or not… :confused: