Easiest way from XVID to DVD

Hi everyone:
I just stumbled upon your site here and I figured you would be able to help me.
I have a movie from a friend and it is in XVID format. None of the DVD burning software I have will burn this so it plays on a conventional DVD player.
What would be the quickest way to change this from a XVID to a playable format? Is it even possible?


(If I recommend this software again I think they should start paying me :p)

Thank you.
I will give it a try.
Is there a tutorial available for it or is it pretty simple to figure out?
I know video editing pretty well so I know the terms.

Why not have a look at the guides/tutorials in this section.

VSO divxtodvd easiest and good quality

divxtodvd has given people allot of problems encoding.

dvdSanta is very simple to work, if you can use DVDShrink or Nero Express you can use it.

Ben :slight_smile:

I just found this site a few hours ago and I went for the most obvious route and asked a question.
I am currently looking around and seeing an amazing amount of info and tutorials so trust me I will look and try them but hey it never hurts to ask first.

Ask a question & you’ll get pointed in the right direction. That’s just how it should be.

You will find that everyone has their own favorites.
VSO divxtodvd (as already mentioned) is OK & it’s free & a good starting point before you start to spend real money, but there are limitations as there are with DVD Santa. It just depends whether these limitations are significant to you. Other swear by Nero Vision & so it goes on.
Personally I use DVD2SVCD with Cinema Craft Encoder & then I author the DVD with DVD-lab.

Have a good read so you understand some of the issues. Chickenman’s tutorials are pretty good.

Wow! I was just cruzin the threads and I have not heard of DVDSanta yet, but I’m liking what I’m seeing. I can see that for basic conversion this would work well. Once you get fancy, maybe i’ll look into these other options. Thanks all!

I never lost a single dvd with VSO divxtodvd / VSO CopytoDVD combination !
bear me up! :slight_smile:

Nice. :cool: But “easiest way” (?) Nah. :stuck_out_tongue: Easiest, as in noob-type programs, would be all-in-one apps, one-click and wait for it. As mentioned, there’s VSO DivXtoDVD, also The Film Machine, DIKO, all free. DVDSanta is payware but the idea is the same, I believe. Go to:


Click “Tools”, then “All-in-One Converters”. You’re bound to find something to suit you. And check out the guides for each tool. Lastly, if you’re talking DL’ed AVIs, on occasion there’ll be one you just can’t seem to successfully convert. Be advised that VBR audio buggers more AVIs than anything else, you may get corrupt data and/or header as well. So get VirtualDub while you’re at it, two versions at least: VDub MPEG2 and VDub MP3 Freeze. Good luck. :slight_smile:

I never said it was the easiest way , just my preference. That’s why I said that VSO divxtodvd was a good starting point.
I agree with everything else you wrote.

dvdSanta is nowhere near the best, proper AVISynth Scripting+CCE SP 2.50 9-pass VBR is probably the best software option you can get.

However I have never found dvdSanta to muck up with such problems as bad AR, out of synch, unable to encode frames, incompatible results, all of these I have had with NeroVision Express and vso’s divxtodvd.

I have found even when converting NTSC XviDs to PAL DVD (when most of the others seem to stumble) all is still fine. The MPEG2 encoder is nowhere near the best. However if you are starting with a 1000kbps XviD file (what a normal downloaded XviD movie would be around) the quality of the MPEG2 encoder (encoding at around 5000kbps) will not make much difference at all. A high quality MPEG2 is really on needed when the source video is of high quality to start with (from a camcorder, or professionally mastered DVD), or if you need to encode at very low bit rates (sub 2000kbps).

As the best balance therefore of ease of use, price and quality, I can say that dvdSanta is probably the best option (however I no longer use it in favour of AVISynth+CCE).

Ben :slight_smile:

Just pulling your leg a little, you never said any such thing. :slight_smile: Always liked that app, settings for every darn thing you can think of, even an option to edit the Avisynth script. But novices have to start somewhere, and that would be, hmm, intimidating? Mind boggling?
:eek: :wink:

You’ve had better luck doing such conversions than me. But once I found out how to convert NTSC <-> PAL in VirtualDub and BeSweet, then sync up the audio and save a new AVI…well, I stopped experimenting. Converting to MPEG is less chancy after that. Interesting that DVDSanta does that sort of thing acceptably. :slight_smile:

fritzi93 thax for the link m8. Found it very useful for a little project I was working on.

I have to agree with fritzi93 I like The Film Machine. :slight_smile:
I never have any problem with the audio syncing up or PAL <-> NTSC.
One of the best things I like is changing the aspect ratio 4:3 to 16:9.
One great little all in one proram. :clap:

WinAVI Video Converter can easily do this trick!
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errmmmm… looking at your past posts are you by any chance here to promote WinAVI Video Converter?

LOL… I think thats save to say!! :iagree: