Easiest to use?



What program is the easiest to use ? Alcohol, blindwrite or clone cd ? I try clonecd who is very easy but it dont work great for me. I try blindwrite but it aint really easy…what about alcohol ?



hey mizar21 , why don`t you try all the softwares including Alcohol? see, which one is better for u. Blindwrite along with Twinpeak technology can copy good protected ones ( eg. Unreal 2003 ) . also i forgot , welcome to forum


blindwrite to me is easy you just have to remember a few settings and that is it …that is all i ever use …and with verison five going ot come out from what I have seen screen shots look even easier to use …


ok thats what i’ll do and thx again Giovanni for your help last night. I’m very new to this, i have a brand new computer and my last one was not well equipped.



no prob …I try to help everyone … when i started I got good help from a few people and so i like to help back … newbies need somewhere to start …