EASIEST, BEST way to record vinyl to CD using computer/soundcard

OK, I’ve got a turntable with a decent pre-amp from phonopreamps.com. It has a pot on it to change the output level.

I’ve got my TT with the computer I’d like to use to record with in a closet, and I normally access it remotely with VNC and remote desktop. It’s running Windows Vista Ultimate.

I’ve got the soundblaster external and a sound device on my new computer . As the external device is easiest to cable up to, I’d rather use it. However, I also have a soundblaster x-fi that I could install if it would somehow improve this process.

So, in a nutshell, what would be the best and easiest way to do some vinyl to CD recording given this setup? Please be detailed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

i wouldnt do a straight vinyl to cd recording…i would record the whole vinyl…then split up the tracks manually and remove all noise/hissing etc (unless you wanna keep this). I dont know how good the input connection is on soundblaster cards so i dont know how good the sound quality is…but when you record remember to not set the input volume to max…maybe set it at 75% and record some and see how the quality/sound is.

Wave Repair program is the easiest and best. It is designed for this task. Use it for recording, editing, noise reduction and cue-sheet/wave file creation. I used it for years and ripped 100s of LPs. $30 shareware, but better than any freeware. See some old “turntable” posts in the AUDIO forum for more ideas… regards, gamma1