Easiest 451@851 :)



Well…I’m hoping , that I’ll post this in the right thread…No flames pls… :bigsmile: I’m still a noob here :stuck_out_tongue:
I would like to say thnx to everyone whos contributed to this scene , especially to those guys whos writing those wicked a## proggies whos just saved my 451s from dvd exile…first and foremost to CodeFusion Wizard for the LDW851 Firmware Patcher and for CodeKing for his wicked patches :bow:
It ain’t just saved my drive but actually made it faster too. :iagree:
The story goes about a wannabe, who is trying to be the shiznick and turned out to be a turnip. Not enough ,that I just killed my drive flat on with these proggies (RPCDE/RPCDE2 and liteonutil), but i couldn’t even revive it with mtkflash ( no matter what revision I’ve used) the best result I’ve had with that proggie is just to get it back to flashing orange again. Apparently the boot code was killed as well so windows still recognised the drive but it was just flashing no matter what. ( I tought I was gonna have to pull the damned TSOP and flash it myself on my standalone proggie)Anyways…
I just patched the 851S.GS0C with the firmware patcher and ran the patched exe. It flashed twice then it went reboot…Flashed twice again on boot then stayed quiet…When hit windows it recognised my 451@851 and popped in a dvd and it was all good :smiley:
You guys just saved me 150 bucks and my dignity before my wife lol…
thnx again :wink: