EASEUS Partition Master Professional 6.1.1 FREE until Friday

pro.edition (home is always free)
link to Easeus info

link to MajorGeeks official mirror

:confused: I guess Easus is doing a giveaway
taken from MG website:
Many asked if this expires, so we asked Easeus and they told us “The full version will not expire, users who get it can use it forever without limits, while if they want to upgrade to the new version we release in future, they need to pay for it.”

Thanks, but I think the “full edition” refers to the “Home edition” in this case?!!??

The main advantage of the Pro vs. the Free Home Edition is 64bit support (the free Home Edition only works with 32bit systems) and the bootable CD to run it from. The Free MiniTools Partition Wizard Home Edition works with 32 and 64bit OS’s, has the free bottable CD ISO to run it from, and is every bit as good if not better than Easeus PM is. Plus, when a new version is released you won’t have to buy the upgrade or adjust to a different program…


this is the full PRO edition :iagree: and its good tonight only if you use the official mirror of Majorgeeks
quote from site:
[B]Easeus contacted us and asked us to pull this giveaway Saturday, so if you missed out, this IS your last chance. We will remove this Saturday, the 23rd in the morning[/B]

I know it’s the Pro version, but that doesn’t affect what I stated, The Pro version of Easeus doesn’t bring anything to the table that the Free Home Version of Partition Wizard has, and overall doesn’t work as well as the Free Home Version of Partition Wizard. In effect, you aren’t getting anything that you couldn’t already get for free except for a lesser product so why bother. I’ve used both products for several years and in every release the Easeus version is less useful than the Partition Wizard is.