Eascy CD Creator 5

Anyone know where I can get some of the older drivers for Easy CD cretor 5? I am afraid to use th latest drivers on Roxio’s website–everything is geared towards Windows XP which is a bs operating sytem. I use 2000 Pro which is much better and no big brother registration. I have an Asus 48x writer and according to Roxio it should work with version 5.02d or later. Any one have this saved or know where I can get it? A few upgrades beyond “d” would be fine too like 5.02 e or 5.02 f. I just do not want to use the latest XP drivers.

Are you asking for updates or a full version? Free full versions are not available. The following information is about updates.

The latest v5.3.1.154 update of Easy CD Creator is the best and most stable version yet released. It is not “geared” to WinXP or WinXP drivers, although it fixes any earlier bugs. I am using it with Win98SE and WinXP both. You should have nothing to fear with Win2000.

The 5.02 update versions are now old and buggier than the latest version. To my knowledge, 5.02d was the last version in the 5.02 series and was followed by v5.1. I would strongly suggest that you download and try the latest version first. In the very unlikely event that you will have a problem with v5.3.1.154, I will help you to get the update to any version you want.

I had installed EZCD 5 on my system & then downloaded 5.1 update of 18.6 MB over my slow 33.6K dialup for my earlier burner.

Roxio says that version 5.10g supports my LTR-48125W.

Searched & searched roxio’s website for the 5.10g update but all i can find is the latest 5.3 - 18 MB update which is impossible for me to download.

Can you help me in finding out the 5.10g update?

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Sent you a private message.


Post your email address and I’ll send you the 5.10k drive update patch as an attachment. The file is only 248 KB. :wink:

PM’ed you my e-mail address Inertia.

Waiting for your e-mail & attachment. :bow:

Your have mail. :wink:

Thanks Inertia.

Received the attachment but Outlook XP displays in the InfoBar :

Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments: DriveUp_v51k.exe

I cannot even access or save the attachment. I’ll search in the help files how to get rid of this thing.

Anyway thanks. :bigsmile:

I’ll post my results soon.

Hi Inertia,

Hacked the registry & saved your attachment.

Installed the Patch.

EZCD & DirectCD detects my LTR-48125W but shows the max burning speed as 40x & not 48x.

Rebooted, inserted a CD-R whose smartburn limit is 48x & everything.

But, it just shows that the Max Burning speed is 40x ? :confused:

One more thing. I don’t have anything to burn right now so I couldn’t burn something & test.

48x speed is enabled in the v5.3.1.154 update.

So, after all I’ll have to download the 18 MB 5.3 Update.

But, that will be latter as I have a spindle of 25 cd-rs which have a SmartBurn limit of 40x.

So, 40x in EZCD will not be an immediate problem.

Well, I found the Buffer Underrun Protection option in EZCD record dialog.

How do you enable SmartBurn in EZCD? I think it is enabled by default but, just wanted to confirm.

I inserted a CD-R whose smartburn limit is 32x. Max speed available in EZCD was 32x.

Inserted a cd-r whose smartburn limit was 40x - EZCD max speed available was 40x.

Is this enough to signify that SmartBurn is enabled by default? :bow:

SmartBurn = Buffer underrun prevention. If this is checked in Record CD Setup, SmartBurn is enabled.


But, its different in Nero isn’t it.

Buffer Underrun Protection = always active

SMARTBURN = User can enable or disable.

My earlier answer about SmartBurn activation in Easy CD Creator was incorrect. Actually, SmartBurn can be activated separately from Buffer underrun prevention in Easy CD Creator

In the Write Speed dialog, SmartBurn is one of the options. If it is chosen, the media will be burned at the SmartBurn rated speed. Other manually selected speeds up to 48x can also be chosen. It is not documented, but I suppose if SmartBurn is not chosen, it will not be active.

Personally, I would never burn a disc without using SmartBurn unless I wanted to burn at a slower speed for some reason. In my opinion, to disable SmartBurn just to burn at a higher speed with unsuitable media is a pointless practice likely to result in low quality burns or coasters.

There is no option to enable SmartBurn in EZCD 5.1, only Buffer Under Run can be enabled or disabled.

I think SmartBurn is not enabled in 5.1.

Burnt a disk @ 40x, nearly 50% of the disk had yellow sectors.

Burnt the same disk again using Nero & SmartBurn enabled, very little yellow sectors.

I guess I’ll have to download the 5.3 18MB update :a