Earthquake Asia



Well I suspect that everybody has heard about it.

Up to now, at least 23.000 people were killed. :eek: :eek:
This number is expected to rise up to: 75.000 … can’t believe it.

Are there any CDfreaks that live there or close to that area?

Info from BBC

The earthquake had a 9.0 magnitude, that’s really a big one. :eek:

This is really terrible.


It’s quite near here in Singapore, can feel the tremors in some parts of the island on Sunday. Terrible things mother nature can do. :sad:


Absolutely true Sen.
We can invent a lot, we can go to the moon, but we never can control mother earth.

The seismographs in Holland even registrered this earthquake … that’s thousands of kilometers away. :eek:

Until now they say 37.000 people died and the number is still rising. :rolleyes: :frowning:


How close is South Korea to this, i’m think of Kenshin, he lives in South Korea.


Dee-27 > I’ve been wondering the same thing for the last couple of days.


I was thinking the same.

Kenshin’s last activity: 4 days ago. :eek: :rolleyes: :eek:

I really hope this is just some weird coincidence.


Maybe it’s just phone line problems related to the quake.


I have also been wondering about what happened to Kenshin,
It may be a coincidence, however, if his last activity was 4 days ago, and the inceident happened yesterday, then he allready hadnt been online for 3 days… still, I am worried.

Still… How safe is Singapore?

Oh… and now its 40,000 confirmed dead. :sad:



I really hope it’s a coincidence.

That’s the problem with the anonymity of internet.
We know where he lives, but not his phone number or whatever.

Same for me (and probably 98% of all CDFreaks). If I would get hit by a car, noone would know and noone would notice.

40.000 confirmed dead … expected is at the moment that they will go over the 50.000 dead.

3 Dutch people are among the 40.000 confirmed dead, 13 still missing. :sad:


(not sure how to call, but the South Korea code is +82, and the city code for Inchon is 32, so I guess its +***************)

I think that is right…


Would you please stop posting semi-personal information on forums. It’s excellent food for spambots.

9.0 is really really big. at 10 you’d expect the apocalypse.


@bcn_246: Maybe it’s not a great idea to post all his personal information…

We all understand the concern and I myself wonder too, but…

All I know is I wouldn’t want my info posted.

Very Tragic event though, what kind of area did this thing cover? That’s a huge quake! :rolleyes:


Here’s what I could find


Somalia got hit over 3000 miles away. Incredible… I’m terrible with geography Does anybody know wich one is S. Korea from this map.:a


Quite safe actually, the whole Sumatra shelters this small island from earthquake & tsunamis.

I guess kenshin is having a holiday, hopefully not in the devastated region.


Korea is further north-east away from the map. :slight_smile:


Thanks, That’s what I thought. I would say Kenshin is OK unless he’s traveling.


It’s terrible.
Can cdfreaks somehow organize a fund raising and members can donate anonimously? just my $0.02.


I agree.


I would love to raise money for this disaster but I’m afraid the overhead on the payments are a waste of money. E.g. creditcard payments take 3 to 4% on the amount you’re paying. I assume local fund raisers can do it without taking that percentage. However if someone knows a without payment overhead then I’m willing to spend time on setting it up!