Earphones for MP3 player

So, the crappy earphones that came with my mp3 player have finally died (left earphone has gone tinny, no bass response). I’m looking to get some new ones, hopfully that will produce a better sound, and that will last alot longer. So, any ideas for earphones that fit the bill? I’m not looking to spend too much money, but I’m open to suggestions.


EDIT: The Sennheiser CX300 would be right at the top of what I’m willing to spend, as I think £20 is pushing it for a set of earphones.
EDIT2: Now unsure of them as they are “canal phones”, any difference?

Better sound is a tricky question since this is about taste and not every body has the same taste. But I would say that Sennheiser is a good choice. I myself used the MX 400 and 500 and was pleased with both of them. I never tried their canal earphone but I use some Victor Canals and I can say that the outside noise (people talking/cars) is less audible with those. But if they dont fit your ear well the sound is not as good as standard ones.

The MX400 and 500 were more expensive I take it (just going off model numbers :p). I actually don’t get what these canal phones are, they just sit further in the ear or something?

I suppose for me, I like a good frequency response all round, but a lack of bass always pisses me off as I hate things to sound tinny.

While canalphones block out noise very well, you get the problem of “microphonics.” This is where you can hear cord noise as it rubs against your shirt or as your teeth clench together. So if you plan on working out while wearing them, look elsewhere. Also the CX300 is the best “budget” canalphone.

Ah, I’m kinda going to use them for general purpose, so…on the way to school, in the gym, wherever really. I guess that rules canalphones out then? In that case, are there any headphones you would recommend?

The Sennheiser PX100 is an over-the-head superaural headphone that’s a good all around choice at around 20 pounds. It you listen to a lot of rock, acoustic or electronic music, the Koss KSC75 is a better suited choice at 10-15 pounds. However, they are clip-ons, which some people don’t find comfortable.

Hmm, I know that superaurals are meant to be better than the earbud type, it’s just that I hate wearing anything over my head in public, which leaves me with only the earbud/canalphone options to go with in reality. I know I’m probably being a bit fussy, but those “over the ear” type ones aren’t really in fashion around here.

I’m having another think about the canalphones, would the fact that they are playing music not negate the “microphonic” problem as the music volume would cover those noises up?

About Canals. I tried about 3 different makers. When I am chewing a gum or just when clenching my teeth together it will “echo” in your ear regardless of the volume. Also if you walk depending on the sole of your shoes it will kind of “echo” in your ear. About noise when the cables rub against each other I have to say that with the Sony I had those problems but with the Victor ones I have not encountered that problem.
But I must say that after ageing (just play back some music through the earphones for about 24hrs or more) my Sonys the noise you can hear when the cables are rubing against each other went away. My Victors did not have that problem from the beginning on.

Well, I bit the bullet and ordered the Sennheiser CX300 Ear Canal Headphones from Amazon. They seem to get good reviews and I’m willing to give this whole “canalphone” thing a shot. I’ll come back to this thread and do a quick write up when they arrive.

Did they arrive yet? Was waiting to see how you like them.

Nope, Amazon reckon they will be here by 16th December or after. Not exactly happy, but it was the cheapest price. I’ll get back to you when they arrive.

why not ER4 ?

I really like the new ear buds that come with the second generation iPod Mini. Very light, and they sound good. Can you buy 'em separately from the iPod Mini?

Recommending stock buds? I’ll pretend I didn’t read that. :cop:


Hey, they really are very good little ear buds.

But I use these from Sony:

They are great - never pop out.

It’s the 22nd have you got them yet?

Got em, but decided they would be nice to receive as a Christmas present from someone, so I don’t get them till 25th now. :stuck_out_tongue: I promise I’ll give you a proper review once I’ve tested them out.

Here we go, as promised:

They’re definitely worth the money. The treble is very crisp, the bass is strong, and the midrange is very clear. One thing to bear in mind with all headphones, you can’t actually feel the bass like you can with a sub-woofer next to you. That’s just a fact of life really and the only way to solve it is to have a man follow you round carrying a sub woofer! :stuck_out_tongue: Also, remember you have to put them actually into your ear-canal, not just the part where earbuds sit.

But yeah, I can’t fault them and would highly recommend them.

Are they comfortable?