Earning Money From Surveys And Such Like?

Hey All,

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BasicallyI have a friend who is inbetween jobs at present and is looking for something like this to fill in the time and give her some cash.

Does anyone know of any? Are they good? Do they pay? etc?

I have no idea and looking in google to me seems to be full of spammy ones.

Any other ideas of a similar nature would also be welcome.

Cheers all.


The Mrs does this and gets Amazon vouchers - takes no time - not sure how much she is getting though - mumbled something about Xmas presents…

Anyone else???

Jeeze Womble first you want pyramid schemes then 6 questionmarks in a row. I think you are not quite well :bigsmile:

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tell your friend to go to the local mcdonalds and say…hey i want fries with that…they’ll be more than happy to hire her…:slight_smile:

now …lets get back to the meeting…

My wife is a stay at home mom and goes to school at night when I get home and she has tried to find some of what you are talking about. Some seem better then others but in the end they are all the same. A bunch of SPAM! I would say you got better odds finding a needle in a hay stack. Or do like S_S said.

^^^Smart man…
actually a girl i went to high school with works for them…now she has a company car(Cadallic Escalade, a company cell…and sets the hours she wants to work.20-40 per week…and she brings home more money than me…working my butt off…so don’t knock it…hell i might even have to give it a try…

What is it she does?

Do tell S_S.:iagree: I guess you have to k now which one are good or what to do.

she was the owners right hand person…but she started working at the registers like everyone else…

Oooh… Right hand… Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Sorry I dont know whats the matter with me this week :flower:

Maybe it’s the nuts in your cake :stuck_out_tongue:

If i were unemployed and would not actively hunt for jobs my family would all kick the crap out of me. At least go to www.monsterboard.com and fill in your resumé.

Fire up your webcam and start making some cash by showing of your precious assets.

This information comes just from common sence and does not mean I have personal interest :wink:

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Well… :o …I actually tried this. I signed up with about 50-60 sites that “pay” you to fill out surveys. 99% of them give you points that you can use to pay for items, when you have enough, of course. To give you an idea, a typical 10 minute survey would net you 50 points. You would need about 3,500 for a $10 Amazon gift certificate, for example. Sound like a good way to make money? The other percent are surveys that actually pay in cash (usually thru PayPal). The same 10 minute survey will net you $2.00. The problem with these surveys is that they are few and far between. You can expect a survey every week or so. On top of all this crap…you have to be eligible for each survey. They may only be looking for paraplegic Eskimo men who make less than $30,000 a year. The real jackpot of surveys are focus groups. You can be invited to participate if one is being held near you, and you’re eligible. These can pay around $100, but again, they’re few and far between.
So, I would suggest not bothering to sign up for all these sites for the reasons I gave above, and because you will be added to countless mailing lists, and receive ridiculous amounts of spam. :bigsmile: