Early look at DRM for Blu-ray and HD DVD



The source is Maximum PC, while usually not cutting edge on optical drive burning, they are usually pretty reliable.

Both technologies are utilizing AACS (Advanced Access Content System) which uses two encrypted 128 bit keys to access the disc; one on the drive and another on the disc. The word is it might also require internet access to function.

Blu-ray goes one step further and adds another layer of content management called BD+. It looks as though this system has the ability to re-encrypt a disc copy even after the original has been cracked, adding new encryption. Also, if an exploit is discovered on a player, such as a region free firmware, the BD+ has the ability to not only refuse to play, but it can also disable the player, requiring service.

So far it is not clear how these technologies will be implemented in PC optical drives.

The old technology looks pretty good to me.


DRM is gonna be one scary mofo … :). The re-encrypting a disc copy AFTER copying the original … that’s kinda freakish!!

I really don’t like the sound of BD+ being able to disable my player … esp. if it means requiring service. Wth is that about? Cracked firmware is one thing, but what if it doesn’t recognize or misrecognizes the firmware and damages the player anyways? Esp. in this litigious day and age, I think that decision would come back to bite them.

If this means the end of backing up our media collections, I hope the next generation of DVD media lasts longer than current generation +/-R’s.