Early Blu-ray adopters may lose functionality in future titles

I just posted the article Early Blu-ray adopters may lose functionality in future titles.

Consumers who have decided to hold off from buying a next generation player may be glad they have done so now. Not only had early adopters of Blu-ray had to fork out a substantial price, they…

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bd live …hmmm…pretty sure hd-dvd was rocking that out of the gate…internet connectivity…um…yeah…go blu ray…

I just can’t stop laughing when I see how Sony screws their fanboys so hardly and badly. Way to go Sony! :g :d

That’s the way it goes for early adopters. You haters are as bad as the fanboys Early VHS machines only worked in SP. Then came models compatible with SP/LP. Then SP/LP/SLP models came out. Old machines were not forward compatible because of their physical heads while new machines were backward compatible. Everything worked in SP. Betamax followed a similar path. First there was only beta 1, then beta 1 / beta 2, then beta 2 / beta 3. Machines that played all three were expensive and rare, and VHS killed them so no one cared. Early DVD players, called DVD generation 1, could not read CD-Rs because the red laser couldn’t see the recordable dye. Generation 2 drives included a second laser in the infrared range for CD-Rs. Generation 1 DVD drives could read CD-RWs, BUT most CD burners out there at the time ONLY burned CD-Rs! Also, old CD players, even up to around 1998 couldn’t read CD-RWs and sometimes had issues with CD-Rs. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FXG/is_n3_v11/ai_20324077 Early DVD recorders only BURNED single layer discs and could NOT BURN dual layer discs. Remember the +/- DVD recordable format war that early adopters got themselves into? There’s going to be more fun problems for early adopters when/if four and eight layer blu-ray recordables come out and when/if multiple layer HD DVD recordables come out. That’s what you get for being the first kid on the block with a new toy.

True, but this is a little different. AFAIK all DVDs from day 1 were playable on all standalone players and all the old players are able to access menu features even on the newest DVDs. The only time you get screwed is when some older players cannot handle fancy ass protections based on bad sectors (not a surprise, it’s a Sony 's Arccos). Here we are talking about Pressed discs not being fully compatible with existing less than a year old hardware, and this is even before p. 2.0. Can someone tell me how many profiles Sony plans on having? Wake me up when it is known :S No, wait, region coding???

Aren’t the majority of player out there the ps3? and the ps3 seems to have no problems upgrading profiles, and I doubt it doesn’t have the hardware to continue with the 2.0 profile. Bluray won because of all the ps3’s so I double this really affects alot of people :slight_smile:

Zod, they’re just using it as an excuse to rip on Sony. They do this with DRM too, but they don’t scream when other companies ruin products by adding DRM, even when the DRM is much stronger than anything Sony could dream of (like Microsoft’s trusted computing). They all do DRM and there’s always issues with early tech hate them all or like them all. Don’t bash one company for something and like another when they do the same thing. That’s brainwashed fanboyism. Where’s the music CD rootkit now? Ancient history. You may find “new old stock” but if they’re still doing rootkits it would still be in all the news. People stopped buying and screamed because of DRM. THAT’S how you kill it. Buying DRM from one company and slamming another just encourages more DRM of a different kind (fertilizer by any other name is still fertilizer). We boycotted the music industry into submission, now it’s time to boycott the electronics, movie, and software industry too. You’re not missing out on a DVR that doesn’t record or a high def TV that downreses. That stuff is junk. I’m neutral in all this BTW I hate them all equally.

I’m really happy that Sony paid attention to all this ahead of time and made sure that the #1 selling HiDef player on the market (the PS3) was full compatible with Bonus View and BD-Live for when they came out. I’m also happy that all this information was available WELL AHEAD of the products launching, so early adopters could make an informed decision before spending a lot of money. Finally, I’m EXTREMLY happy that just because a disc contains bonus view and BD-live content, doesn’t mean it won’t play back in players that don’t support those specs.

if your really sayin that no one should care about this becuase the ps3 is the only player that matters, then sony might as well drop the format altogether. true fans of high def wont want a crappy video game system to play their movies on. the point is, why make it even possible for this problem to arise. does anyone in the blu-ray camp even know the official specs even at this very moment. also, for the happy person who knew they were changing the specs from day one; are you sayin that your applauding the fact that they knew from the beginning they were going to screw some people out of the “full blu-ray experience”? also, since the ps3 is the biggest and baddest high def player out, when will sony figure out its time for something new, and drop that too little too late VIDEO GAME SYSTEM in the ocean and let it die even quicker. we all know downloads are where it is all at. so early adopters of either format should just stop buying stuff. blu-ray will not survive. EVERYONE knows this. what was CES all about…downloadable content…mac world…new appletv and movies on the ipod.

I’m still iffy on downloads are where its at, I’ve never trusted hard drives and I never will :slight_smile: How much would it suck to lose a hard drive with your movie catalog on it (even if you could redownload it for free… that would still suck, especially if there were all huge high def files). If one of the formats can get rid of the other one I think it can catch on. Downloads aren’t a bad idea, but having to back up everything would suck, but if downloads were alot cheaper then the physical product, i guess it’d make up for having to burn your own copies. as for the ps3… i’m not really a ps3 fanboy, i like my 360… but when i bought the hd-dvd addon for the 360, I noticed alot of movies in HD weren’t available for it, and started to look for Bluray players. The Ps3 does a great job at playing blue ray, costs about as much as a bluray player, and it as an added bonus in can play video games :slight_smile: