Early Bird gets the worm: Q6600 + ECS board for $299.99 @ frys In store 4th of Jul

Ok folks, set your alarm clock if you have frys in your area. Dammit, I dont have frys where I am at right now.

Which ECS board? The P4M800 or the PT890? This is really tempting, but then I’ll need DDR2 rams. Anyways thanks for posting.

man, if you are up this late?? are you sure you are gonna be able to wake up early tomorrow???

I’m still thinking. I just put together this system no that long ago, and I only have DDR1 ram, so I’m not sure.

so what mb is it?

I don’t think I could eber be tempted by an ECS board at any price.
So for me it doesn’t matter, what I see is a Q6600 at $299 which is still a great deal.

ECS has a reputation for cheap “quirky” boards…they are trying to correct that, but so far, out here it’s not working.
In fairness, they need a new name (brand) for their “better” boards.
Common to see ECS boards for sale on craigslist that were mined out of Fry’s deals like this.
Portland market.

dont get me wrong, ECS works great for those that dont do anything to their system. If you run stock speed, then ECS board is suffice. But since intel processor has good headroom for overclocking, if not overclocking, then it is a waste of the processor potential. And when come to Overclocking, ECS doesn’t have any capability

I know it’s not really that relevant here but my recording studio PC has been running a Duron 1600 overclocked to 2100 on an ECS nforce2 board for almost 3 years.

those NFORCE2 and NFORCE3 chipset are highly regarded chipset from NVIDIA. The ECS board you will get with this bundle, I am not sure which ECS series, but it is either the Intel 945G or Via 890 chipset.

Did anyone get one? I would have just for the processor but no Fry’s near me for 100’s of miles :sad:

I got one for my friend (I decided not to get one yet cuz my system is still fine). But anyways, the mobo is an ECS P4M900T-M, it seems like it can oc a little bit from the reviews on TigerDirect. I’ll be building it in a few days, I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

BTW does anyone know if I’ll need a bios reflash for it to work? It doesn’t say it support Quad-core anywhere on the box.

so it is the new via chipset, mix results on user reviews on newegg. Max DDR-2 supported is PC2-5300 677mhz and max FSB is 1066mhz, so it will not support the newer 1333 FSB

As expected, it’s a craptastic oc’ing board. I only managed to get 2.66ghz out of his 2.4ghz system. The mobo is definitely holding it back. But oh well, even at 2.66ghz it’s still very fast, encoding video much faster than my comp.

Welp, I should be back home at the end of July, Yeahaaaaaaa, cant wait
and at the time, Intel processor price should have been dropped. Cant wait to get the Q6600 and Asus P35 new motherboard (broadwater chip) DDR2 with it. Then this time, I am taking my desktop with me to school out of state. 3 more weeks to suffer though without my desktop.

I’ve also hard that Gigabyte and MSI P35 Platinum are excellent choices .

I will upgrade too to Q6600 and P35 mobo but wanted to know whether getting a DDR3 ready mobo is worth it or DDR2 still the way to go , I’ve seen C2D performance with 965P/975X mobos and DDR2 800 and it was [B]awesome[/B] :bow:

How faster is really Q6600 compare to E6600 in real world?

faster in heavy duty job, especially those softwares that take advantage of multicore. Same speed as E6600 or a bit slower if running light tasks

At the last minute I decided get in on this. I went to my local Frys’s and they were sold out in less than a hour. Limited?? More like restricted to 50 bundles per store. The sales clerk showed me the memo. Sales person said it was strange that this mother board was picked as it does not fully support the Q6600. He told me that another Fry’s did not get any OEM Q6600s and that they were authorized to substitute retail boxes about 10 minutes ago. I got to that Fry’s and apparently they didn’t have enough motherboards and was given the option to buy just the Q6600 at $253.99 which I opted for and purchased a Asus P5KC Intel P35/ DDR3+DDR2/ CrossFire/ A&GbE/ ATX Motherboard for $159.99

My gripe on this MB- are ICH9 versus ICH9R - besides losing the ability to natively RAID, you can’t run your hard drive in AHCI mode if it is capable, most SATAII HDD’s are. Advantages of AHCI mode are: Removal of ATA controllers from IRQ’s 14 and 15, ability to utilize Native Command Queuing, and Hot Swap capability. Traditional ‘IDE emulation’ features none of these, though speed is relatively the same.
The ICH non R can utilize AHCI without the RAID functions anyway but there seems to be no way to do this within the software/Intel drivers that I know of.

So this is the defference between ASUS P5K (@ newegg for $219) and this motherboard (ASUSP5KC)?