Early Amd price drops Mwave and Monarch

Just picked up an X2 3800 at Mwave for $152.00 plus shipping, Monarch is saying a 4 to 6 day delay if you order from them but Mwave did not.

Mwave.com: AMD - ATHLON 64 X2 ( SOCKET 939 )

Wow, nice find!
newegg still $280+ at the moment.

Great find, a friend of mine has been waiting for this drop.


 I paid 297.00 for that exact processor 6 weeks ago. Good find.


this one should go fast

I have a Opteron 146 and before the price skyrocketed a while ago I got mine
for $110.

Mine Overclocks to 2.95GHz, sweet sweet cpu!

I just might grab another at that price.

AMD stock is also down 35% thus far this year
by the end of the year at this rate
there will be no more AMD

look at the last year for intel and amd

intel has been hyping their conroe, but has yet to deliver

The Core 2 Duo is due out at any time from Intel. We will see if it lives up to it’s claims, but it will certainly be horribly expensive.

Core 2 dual won’t be available for quite some time to the general public, you’ll have to buy a Dell.

lets hope AMD weathers this or else it will be back to the $1k+ chips