Earliest reference to baseball found in England

English now even wants our baseball.


No!! Not the baseball!! That was like the LAST truly American thing left. :sad:

Well, technically the American Indians were the only American thing… but they all got shot, or sent to vegas to open casino;s.

Mexicans are also American, but technically, they originally came from spain too …
might have to look in South America for some real american things.

maybe if we go to Antarctica we could find something American??
It shall be my quest! To scour the globe and find at least one TRULY American thing.
*Cue patriotic music.

That may prove that AMERICANS didn’t invent baseball,
but you have to remember that british sports are a
little diffrent. For example RUGBY/ FOOTBALL.

[QUOTE=samlar;2125247]English now even wants our baseball.


Interesting article. But nah, we don’t want your baseball. Ask most Englishmen and they’ll prefer football/rugby/cricket :stuck_out_tongue:

i prefer it when a bunch of cons are stuck in cars with machines guns attached to em now thats a sport :eek:

I prefer football to baseball, and I do mean REAL football, not the American garbage…
But baseball was like the only thing left that was really american. :frowning:

now now none of that calling American football garbage or we will not keep asking you to help with our wars.

I live in America lol. I just don’t care for our football here. haha. I still support a team though. 49ers all the way! haha.