EAH 4670 Driver Problem

I recently upgraded my ASUS EAH 3650 HDMI 256MB graphics card to a ASUS EAH 4670 HDMI 512MB, the graphics card came with a different driver cd to the version on the 3650, I installed new graphics card and the new drivers, and everything seems fine, I have 3 monitors connected to it, HANNSPREE 22" HDTFTWS monitor on DVI -HDMI cable, DELL 15" Flat Panel Monitor on VGA - VGA cable, and SOUNDWAVE 32" HDTFTWS on HDMI - HDMI cable, using Catalyst Control Centre I am able to use any combination of these 3 devices as primary and secondry, but I am only able to use 2 devices at a time ( if I am using DVI & VGA outputs then turn on HDMI device VGA is disabled), I have installed Ultramon and can seperately configure monitor settings in extended desktop mode, Which all seems fine, but every now and again the graphics seem to fail giving me an error message on startup saying Graphics Card information Not Found and cahnging visual settings to 14b colour and 1X1 Pixels, simply putting in the 4670 driver disc and re-installing the drivers & then restarting pc sorts the problem out, I have even created a restore point after Reinstalling Drivers to remember settings, I keep my screen resolution at 1024X768 on both monitors (As my eyesight is poor), Is there some way I can resolve this problem? I like to play 3d games such as the lego Batman & Star Wars games, which is why I upgraded, This is my System.

DELL Dimension 5000
Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHZ Processor
3X1GB DDR2 Ram Modules( 4 Really, but only using 32 Bit Windows XP Home)
ASUS EAH 4670 HDMI 512MB Graphics Card
22" HDTFTWS Monitor on DVI - HDMI Cable
15" TFT Flat Panel Monitor on VGA Cable
ASUS VGA Driver Disk V748 (Instead of V651 I used with EAH 3650)

I really hope that you folks can help me as this could be a good system if working properly. Thanks in advance.RGK

It seems that you have a driver conflict, or might be PSU problem. What is yor PSU?

You can download the latest ATI Catalyst driver from http://ati.amd.com/products/catalyst/index.html

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Thank you for your response, I think driver conflict was most certainly an issue, the catalyst control centre that comes with ati graphics cards has its own multiple monitors functions, but it only allowed me to use 2 at a time, I thought the ultramon programme could solve this problem, but it seems that the graphics card i have, even though it has 2 digital outputs (DVI & HDMI) and 1 analogue output (D-SUB/VGA), it is only capable of running 2 heads at a time. I removed ultramon and have had no further issues (Yet!), If you are knowledgeable about such things, I presume I would be able to expand ammount of monitors using digital splitter cables, (in extended desktop mode), Be it HDMI or DVI, as I have 22" & 15" on my desk and the 32" is the family TV (in same room as my PC), but it is great to use 4670’s hdmi audio over hdmi cable so I can play movies on it & also watch a movie on 22" whilst working on 15", or maybe the workings of this graphics card may still yet allow me to use all 3, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. RGK

By the way I just noticed I had posted in wrong area, I do apollagise, and thanks for moving me where I get the help I need. Again Thanks. RGK