Eager To Learn More



I read the Threads in this Forum and I don’t understand 99% of the things being talked about. Things like:

VOB files
layer break
NTSC and Pal

This list could go on forever. Would somebody be so kind as to direct me to a few ‘Newbie’ or ‘Dummy’ sites where a fellow could start from the beginning learing more about this VERY interesting subject. My girlfriend bought me a Plextor PX-712A for my BD, and I can see from just the little bit of fooling around with it I’ve done so far that I need to arm myself with more knowledge.


… wow, you’d a good choice with your girlfriend and now you have to be eager to thank her
. . and if the time allows you can study all the things I ever wanted to know

… I wish you a lot of fun … :wink: