Eager to improve use of CDFreaks forum

I find I have two type of questions. Some are specific how to questions, or else questions about where to find information about a specific problem, others are about the best way to approach a project. Please review these threads and advise best way to use Buddy capability and invite people to chat about issue on which there are different approaches.

How to create a menu for DVD

How to organize my Gallery

Burning high quality audio CD

[B]@KCav:[/B] please will you have some patience and stop creating new threads. I just explained here why we cannot answer most technical enquiries in the the chat-room at the moment.

This is an international forum that has contributors in many different time-zones. If someone has an answer to your questions then they will add it to your original enquiry and form a thread in the forum, but you might have to give it 24 hours or so. If you do want to raise your query again then after a bit of time you can ‘bump’ it up the forum index by replying to your own query, but please give things a chance before doing this.