EAC's wave/image files: no pre-track 2 second gap at first track by default?



I was comparing the cue-sheet that EAC wrote with my copy log from Plextools (same CD of course…) and according to the times – EAC’s being exactly 2 seconds less and all else equal. You can easily tell from the comparison that the discrepancy is the missing first track pregap. My question is: is this the default behavior? Does EAC include it when it writing?




Yes, EAC includes it on writing.
The first pregap isn’t contained in the image, so it doesn’t
appear in your cuesheet either.
In fact, every pregap-lengh of Track 01 specified in a cuesheet,
will be added to the standard 2 seconds.
A first pregap of more than 3 seconds is violating the Read Book, btw.
Plextool’s log seems to list this 2 second pregap, EAC doesn’t.
That’s why the difference occurs.