I have had EAC for a while, and finally decided to try it. I downloaded the newest one and installed it. Upon attempting to rip a cd, I discovered that it did not recognize that I even have a cd player. It only shows my dvd player. I am using a Plestor PX 760A 1.06 and a Plextor Premium 1.07. Never had this happen before. I am using Win XP Pro SP-2 Net Framework 3.5. The dvd player is a master and the cd player is a slave on an 80 pin round IDE cable.


I´m also no expert with EAC…but I can tell you you have to set it up carefully…work through all the options in the drop down menus and I´m sure you´ll get there.

Someone more au fait with it will be able to tell you exactly what the problem is



configure EAC to use SPTI (Native NT interface) instead of ASPI.


Thanks mciahel, that was the key. How could I have not even considered such an obvious detail. Smiles all around!!!