EAC writing problem

hello everyone, I’m having a weird problem here. First , system specs. P4 2.6 512 MB DDR, TDK 440N (1.08 firmware), Windows 2000, all patches.

Basically, I rip a disc…I create a cue sheet for that disc using EAC (cd-text enabled) …then I load that cue sheet into EAC and burn a CD…it works great but only for the FIRST disc…after the first disc burns successfully, if I try to load another cue sheet and burn another disc I immediately get

Write Error

Write Blocks!

Cannot Write Medium - Incompatible Format

however, no information is written to the CD and I can use it later just fine. If I reboot the machine EAC will burn 1 disc fine. Any ideas? right now i’m trying it with the adaptec ASPI drivers to see if that makes a difference.

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