EAC, Which Version to Find

Did the change in EAC take place in 0.9b4?
So, that would mean I should look for 0.9b3?


Not sure which change you mean, but I’ll bet 0.9prebeta3 is the one you want. :slight_smile:

The latest one is V0.95 beta 4.

Are you talking about the TOC read change? The newest version eliminates something about TOC reads. I believe this affects the ability to see hidden tracks on a CD – please help me if I am misunderstanding this. I am not sure how the versions affect this, but I see a difference in the TOC menu between versions. Version .09b4 was the now- defunct Uber?? recommendation. I have that but cannot get it to work after installing later versions on my computer. I think there are some registry changes I need to do, but I cannot find any information about it now so I am using .95pb4.

I think it was the TOC read that was dropped to comply with German law in 0.94b.
I could be wrong but something like that was changed in some version to comply with German law.
The latest version deffinitly doesn’t have the ability (whatever it was) that older versions have.
When the change took place, it was noted on the EAC homepage and all over the Internet.
Mention was made to find older versions if you required that ability.

I have a problem with a “party” music disc I’m trying to back-up.
It fades in/out of songs so that the timer on my CD-player may say that the song is over and the next song is ticking by but you can still prominently here the end of the last song as the next song fades-in.
Other times, the timer states that the song is still playing but you’re actually already half a measure into the next song.
I’d like to back this disc up but nothing seems to do it.
Ripping from it produces sudden cut-offs at the end of songs and sudden drop-ins at the beginning of songs.
The song has NO SCRATCHES but I can’t rip the 16th song or make a disc copy or disc image using CCD or Alcohol 120%. I’ve even tried WinISO.

The disc is Ultimate New Wave Party 1998.
I was hoping EAC could make a disc image and a perfect back-up disc from that image.

I thought, perhaps the problem had something to do with where the songs actually started/stopped. Maybe these programs boc at the toc.

I hoped EAC could accurately read the toc or perhaps I could make it ignore it completely to get a blind duplicate of the disc.


Have you tried “burst” mode found in Drive Options – this will “ignore” errors and get you a listenable copy “sometimes”? Or tried in a different drive or computer? I don’t think a different version of EAC would help in this case. BTW, .9b4 has the option to Detect TOC Manually – I still have that version installed on my laptop. Cheers, gamma1

Oops… I meant 0.95 prebeta 3. That’s definitely the one.

I found a site with all the old versions

Great find, Parato. Looks like the option to detect TOC manually goes through 95pb1. Regards, gamma1

Detect TOC Manually is in versions up to and including V0.95pb3.


Some more sites for EAC…


I personally have yet to have a problem with latest Exact Audio Copy_v0.95 beta 4 and LAME MP3_v3.98 alpha 6 after backing up my entire collection (ripped with LiteOn JLMS XJ-HD166S, DS1E).