EAC Usage!?

Hi i was recommended to use EAC to rip my audio tracks from my other topic http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=57381 but i don’t understand how to use it! The first track can’t be extracted from some reason, and it also detectds a 17th track of data( the cd has an intgrated audio player which auto runs). The tracks i rip also contain random crackles along each track, which is quite annoying especially hen liening on discman.

My drive is a TDK401248X Aussie version.!

What are the settings to get an optimal rip? I have noticed the speed when ripping to gradually speed up, then drop again a few steps and then increase again.

Any help? i have no idea how to use EAC, such as the advanced ettings. I believe the cd i am using is protected with Cactus 200 or Key2Audio, but i am not sure(it is definately protected with somse sort and it is a farely recent cd 1 or 2 month)

As you can read in a specific thread :
1 : launch EAC, expert mode
2 : insert the audio cd
3 : use the option detect toc manually
Try that with your both drives, with their latest firmwares.
If that doesn’t work, try the same way with a friend of yours drive

How long does detecting TOC take??
I have waited for like 20 mins and it is still running!

BTW i have found out that the cd is actually protected by CDS200.

20 minutes are too long. It takes 1 minute with my Px-40ts. It that the same thing for your both drives ?

My DVD drive doesn’t even detect the cd properly. such as get cd details from freedb on EAC! leta lone it being detected in My Computer!

Am i missing something?

Even with non-protected cd ?
With protected cd, some drives can’t work. It’s a hardware matter.

i dont think you want to detect the cd with cds200. try searching…