EAC to support RAW-mode DAO recorders

I just posted the article EAC to support RAW-mode DAO recorders.

Submitted by: iMAGiNE
Source: http://www.exactaudiocopy.de

The author of EAC plans to support RAW-MODE DAO writers (like Mitsumi CR-4804TE) in EAC 0.95 beta. The current version only supports…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/815-EAC-to-support-RAW-mode-DAO-recorders.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/815-EAC-to-support-RAW-mode-DAO-recorders.html)

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So what?

Yeah, do we really need this? SecuROM audio discs

RAW Extraction…or is it for the DAO extraction…

EAC is mostly used to rip WAVes for MP3 encoding. Why the hell do you need the indices and stuff. This is one useless function for a perfect program.

You can also burn a CD with EAC. Support for RAW mode gives you the ability to use EAC for writers that aren’t able to write cd’s using CUE sheets.


I’ll look at the EAC site. Maybe I can find a good explanation there cause I don’t understand shit about the new feature and it’s use…call me stupid

You can actually use EAC to rip a whole CD image + CUE sheet ready to burn with CDRWin or FireBurner. Go to CD-R Center at http://users.hol.gr/~aeon/cdrec.htm and look af Offsets.zip to find out why you need to this to make an exact 1:1 copy of audio CD’s. NO burners copy audio CD’s properly on their own!

Will CloneCD do exact copy of an audio CD?

I would say not, as it has no option to changing the write offset for audio tracks.