EAC settings for Plextor PX-760a?

I just received my new Plex and want to get it tweaked for EAC (Exact Audio Copy). I’ve done many searches on and off the EAC forums, but nothing yet – probably too new.

Has anyone discovered the correct settings for 760 yet? Especially the writing and reading offsets.


typical offset for all later model Plextor original drives (i.e. Premium, 708, 712, 716, 755, 760) is +30


Thanks very much for that accuraterip link, somehow I lost it. I’ve been using +30 for my Premium and 716, but +618 (read) and +66 (write) for the 708 – I got it off an EAC forum awhile ago (though the accuraterip feedback sez +30…hmm).

I’ll go with +30 for the 760 unless I get any updated info.

Gracias! :clap:

no prob :slight_smile:

may i ask why you choose to use EAC rather than Plextools?

Old habits die hard, I guess – I’ve been using EAC from day one though lately I’ve been using Plextools for backups. Of course when I want to make a backup of my own discs to burn them at a later time, an EAC image is the closest way to get an exact duplicate :wink:

yeah, i guess if you’re used to using EAC and have it all setup accordingly it’s just as easy as plextools.

plextools ripping to an image file should provide you with just as good an “exact duplicate” as EAC though.

Yes, Plextools seems to rip as accurately as EAC, but I’ve found the latter works better with badly scratched discs whereas 'tools seems to give up.

even when you try the various DAE methods available?

Yes, I’ve explored all of those options with Plextools, but for the few really bad discs, EAC seems to successfully rip them in their entirety with few exceptions. Especially with my still-functioning UltraPlex – a monster if ever there was one.

That’s for the read offset only!

The write offset, at least on the PX-712, is -30 (minus thirty, not plus thirty).

To be more precise, both the read and the write offsets of the Premium(2), 708, 712, 716, 755 and 760 are -30 samples/ -120 bytes.
However, EAC asks for the read offset correction (in samples), which is the opposite of the read offset (therefore +30).

BTW, PlexTools reports both read and write offset of Plex drives. :wink:
Or you can calculate them by yourself…


Also, if you want to do things like rip to FLAC and include tagging info, Plextools doesn’t provide all the features EAC does, from what I recall.

  • Tim

Yes, I knew that. I was just too lazy to spell it out like that! :o

thanks for the clarifications guys…helpful info for all :iagree:

Absolutely correct, which is why I still use EAC, especially for ripping to FLAC or Monkey’s Audio (APE).

Thanks to all for the great feedback!

Should I always leave the read offset correction at +30 when I rip a CD with my Plextor PX-760A and EAC ?

Or should I use +30 only when the CD is found in EAC and the Accurate dB ?


The same offset correction should be used regardless of whether the CD is found in the AccurateRip DB and/or the FreeDB or not found at all.

OK, thanks DrageMester :slight_smile: