EAC secure mode producing 2 different size files on different drives of same cd track


I just got kinda curious and decided to extract the same exact audio file from both my LG 4163 and Liteon 167T. Both are set to the securest modes EAC has to offer.

For my LG 4163B, accurate stream is on, the drive doesn’t cache audio so that setting is off, and i set it to no C2 feature. For my Liteon 167T, I set the accurate stream to on, the drive DOES cache audio so i set it to ON, and C2 off (it has horrid c2 accuracy!). The read offsets were determined using Radiohead Ok Computer which is in the database. In other words both drives are ripping as accurately as possible, despite super slow ripping speeds.

EAC is suppose to be perfect right? So then, why am i getting 2 different sized files? One file is 4744655 bytes and the other is 4743834 bytes. I know I’m being obsessive here but it has to sound different somehow… I wanna know which drive is doing a better job…