EAC ripping slow

I’m not quite sure where this thread should go, but anyways…

I’ve just popped in a brand spankin new Pioneer DVR-110D. Everything got up and going fine, got EAC going (had it ripping perfect before, changed a few settings for the new drive), no problems. I ripped a couple CDs, then it started going SLOW on the next I put in. Now it’s going slow (maxes at 2x) on every disc, and I’ve no idea why. Any clues?

I don’t use EAC, so this is just a guess. Have you checked your DMA?

I’m running Windows 2000, so theres no Advanced tab, and the options on the ‘Secondary Channel’ tab show its already set to Ultra DMA 2 for transfer.


Oops… page didn’t completely load, I see the win2k instructions now.