EAC - ripping my hair out

Nine out of ten times that I try to rip a CD with Exact Audio Copy, creating a .wav and a cue sheet, EAC sticks on “detecting pre-track gaps”, usually the first or last track, but occasionally somewhere between (6 is an unlucky number, for some reason).
I have a Sony CD-RW CRX1611 and a generic DVD-ROM identified as “DVD-ROM DVD-16X3H”. The DVD-ROM has turned out to be an extremely dependable inexpensive drive, and EAC identifies it as my best drive. However, both drives stick on detecting the pre-track gaps.
I’ve tried adjusting settings and read modes, and I’ve tried every combination of detection method and accuracy, but nothing works. The CD that I’m currently attempting to rip and copy will work only in burst mode, but every rip gives me timing errors. (It’s an older CD, no copy protection, in like-new condition.)
This is driving me crazy, and it’s been happening for weeks, even after a reinstall of Windows2000P and the software itself. I would post this at the EAC forum, but I’m a little confused by the German. Is there something that I’m doing wrong, or overlooking? Can someone here please, please help me? :sad:

Did your gap detection problems with your drives occur from the start? If false, it could be the ASPI Layers’ fault. Then try to switch to Native Win32 interface (NT/2K/XP) within EAC under “EAC options --> Interface”. If this doesn’t help, maybe there is a work-around:

Read the discs with “Action --> Copy range” to a single wave file without detecting gaps, at all.

Get CDRWIN and extract the CD using subcode analysis “quick”.
The cuesheet you get will have all the indices needed for an exact copy. If you want to use the offset-corrected copy from EAC, you have the cuesheet to point to the right file, first.
Maybe this method won’t work with both of your drives or even not at all, so I wish you good luck!

If you “copy tracks” instead of “copy image”, it won’t try to detect gaps.

Try different media. I swear that seems to always be the problem when weird stuff like this happens. I think EAC is the best extractor/writer ever for audio

Maybe you’re a little confused ! He’s trying to rip a CD.